Hello again!  I (Julie) am writing today while Deb and Bill are off on their relaxing vacation.  I’m sure they are having a great time and missing all of us like crazy! 😉

Before reading further, I need you to prepare yourself…..I am about to ask you to make a VERY VERY VERY important decision.

As you may have read before, the Cruisers have been looking to get team shirts to run in.  I have come up with the two designs below and need you to decide which one you like best (I told you it would be an important decision).  I am currently working on drawing out a third design, because I have this idea for a shirt that I cannot seem to create on the computer, but it will not be ready for a couple of days.  For now, though, I present you with the following options…

Choice One:














Choice Two:













Feel free to take time and really think about which one you like the best.  Again, this decision is as important as naming your first born child.

I’m not sure if either of these shirts will be the one the Cruisers decide to go with, but I still want to know what you think!!

Finally, do not forget to enter Deb’s Born to Run giveaway!!!  The details and rules of this giveaway can be found here.


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Hope you are having a wonderful Friday!

  • Questions:
  • Which t-shirt design do you like best?
  • Do you have any t-shirt design ideas?! We would love to hear them!