We had a small turnout for our Cruisers group run this morning.  It was as lean as my work week was with so many people on vacation.  Bill, Beth, and I ran 14 miles together after Beth had already run two miles.  She’s training for the Wineglass Marathon in October.  Alan doesn’t have a race scheduled for the fall, so he’s not running as many miles this summer.


This unnamed Cruiser had on the best shorts and shirt combo this morning!  She said she got dressed in the dark this morning so she wouldn’t wake up her husband, but I think that she laid this awesome outfit out last night.  Don’t ‘cha just love fun running clothes?


We ran past these very fragrant flowers on the trail.  There were all along the trail for less that a quarter of a mile and I don’t ever remember seeing them before….


Do you know what kind of flower they are?


As we stopped to check out the flowers, we saw a feral cat run across the trail behind us.  About ten strides back into our run, I looked up beside the trail and saw these three cats sitting, sleeping, and bathing on a rooftop.  We often see feral cats along this section of the trail, and today we aptly named it Feral Cat Alley!


After our turnaround, we headed back to our cars with an overall average pace of 9:47 for our 14-mile run.  Bill caught a quick picture of Beth and me running by and it’s now my favorite running picture!


After our run in near perfect weather, I trained one client at the wellness center, and then Bill and I had lunch on the deck.


Joseph and Daniel were both here for the evening so we decided to make pizzas and have a family TV night.  This was Daniel’s base for their pizza!


They added tomato slices and mozzarella cheese chunks to theirs (and pepperoni to half of it).


We put  mushrooms, onions and tomatoes on ours.  I took this picture before I added the mozzarella cheese.  Our pizzas were adequate, but nothing more…  Note to self, either make my tried-and-true homemade pizza crust and sauce, or order Paisano’s!


After dinner we watched a little baseball, finished a movie we started before dinner, and watched these two hilarious videos!

And guess what!  Our Natties are finally starting to win a few games!


  • Questions:
  • Do you have any idea what kind of flowers those are?
  • What’s your favorite thing to put on a homemade pizza?
  • Who’s your favorite baseball team?