The first time I heard about Yaktrax was back in 2007 when running with a friend, make that, trying to run with a friend on a very icy and snowy W&OD Trail.  He was wearing something on his shoes that reminded me of a pair of tire chains.  He confidently plowed ahead, while I dodged icy spots and held my arms out for extra balance.  He finished his run and left his Yaktrax with me to try while I finished a few more miles.  Even though they were a little big they worked great, and I went home and ordered a pair for me and a pair for Bill!


I’ve run many miles in my Yaktrax.  I remember one 20-mile run on packed snow that had melted and refrozen.  Had I not been wearing my Yaktrax, that would have been a long and dangerous run, or I would have been stuck inside on the treadmill (and we all know how fun that would have been).  Other Yaktrax runs have been on a variety of surfaces, including ice, sleet, slush, packed snow, and fresh powder…


While running for the first time this winter in my Yaktrax, an idea came to me.  I wanted to partner with Yaktrax and give a pair to one of my lucky readers.  I contacted them and they agreed to give a pair of Yaxtrax Pros to one of you!  And just in case I didn’t explain clearly enough how well they help with traction…

From the Yaktrax website:

The Yaktrax Pro will instantly give you better traction, confidence and safety on packed snow or ice. Walk, run, or work on slick surfaces with the same stability you’re accustomed to on dry surfaces. Don’t let the winter weather put a damper on your outdoor activities or athletic training with the Yaktrax Pro!

The only downside I’ve found with my Yaktrax aren’t a problem with their design, but are more of a situation with trail conditions.  And some days the trails in Virginia are unpredictable.  They can be treacherous in shaded areas and completely clear where the sun has been shining.  On those days, I wear my Yaktrax for safety, but running on the bare trail is very hard on them.  As you can see below, the two front straps eventually broke from the extra wear-and-tear on dry pavement.  I can still wear them without a problem, but don’t worry; I’ve ordered a replacement pair just to be completely safe!


As Yaktrax are becoming more popular, I’m seeing more and more “Yaktrax tracks” on the running trails!  Wouldn’t you like to make some of these cool tracks?



Rules to enter my Yaktrax Pros giveaway:

  1. You are allowed to enter every day during this period.  The more times and ways you enter, the greater your chances of winning.
  2. Shipping is available only in the continental United States.
  3. Winners will be selected by Rafflecopter at midnight on Friday, January 24, and announced on Saturday, January 25.
  4. Once the winner is announced, that person will have until Tuesday, January 28 to claim the prize.  If the winner fails to claim their prize, another winner will be chosen.
  5. Relatives of Deb Runs are not eligible to win.

To enter for a chance to win a pair of Yaktrax Pros,
please use the Rafflecopter app below.


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  • Questions:
  • If you win, will you use your Yaktrax for running, walking, getting the mail, or what?
  • If you have a funny story about a time you wish you’d been wearing a pair, please share!
  • Who raced this past weekend?

Disclaimer:  Even though Yaktrax is giving a free pair of Yaktrax Pros to one of my readers, all opinions in this post are my own.