Soooo, I did it again!  Yesterday while demonstrating an exercise to a client, I tweaked my back.  It feels pretty good except when I first stand up after sitting, and then I walk all stiff and bent over for a couple of minutes while my back spasms… and then I’m fine.  I immediately put heat on it and that seems to sooth it.  Since I don’t think that I really injured my back, just aggravated it to the point of little spasms, I’m going with heat.  I’m afraid ice (my normal go to remedy) might make the spasms worse.


Soothing heating pad

Fortunately, this morning I was able to ride my stationary bike and do a pretty normal strength training workout.  When I got up the windchill was 1° and my basement gym thermometer showed that it was 59.4° down there.  Good thing I started out with a jacket, hopped on my bike, and warmed up quickly!


While working out I had my TV on and saw a pretty interesting segment on the Today Show.  They were talking about false claims by weight loss products, and even interviewed a mom blogger whose before and after photos were used by a company without her permission.  She had lost a lot of weight by watching what she ate and exercising diligently over the course of a year, and posted before and after pictures of herself.  The company had taken those photos from her blog and said that she had lost the weight in just a short amount of time using their product.  They even had a made-up “quote” from her.  She said she had never heard of the product.

Anyway, the segment went on to talk about how easily before and after photos can be doctored, Photoshopped, etc.  The below two photos were taken of a personal trainer about five minutes apart, without Photoshop.  In the “before” photo he is slouched on a sofa in baggy shorts.  Notice that his arm is hiding the fact that his back isn’t against the sofa to make him look thicker.  For the “after” photo, he shaved his face and chest, got his hair wet and put on tighter fitting shorts.  The photographer used lighting from above to cast shadows on his abs to enhance his pecs and six-pack.  Interesting!


This made me want to do the same thing and have Bill Photoshop my after picture, but I don’t want to end up being a free “before and after” model for some sleazy weight loss product!

Yesterday I hit up Costco for the usual things on my list… fresh fruits, veggies, wine, and workout clothes!


Their workout clothes have been pretty nice this spring!  And I’m sure at some point you’ll see a picture of me wearing this on the running trail!


Saving the best for last, I found out on Monday that I’ve been selected as a Feetures! Ambassador!  I love their products and look forward to spreading the love of their amazing socks for the next year, and plan to run a giveaway so one of my lucky readers can see why I love them so much!  Stay tuned!  Just for fun I took a picture of my running sock drawer (yes, I straightened it first).  Yeah, I kind of like this brand…


And even wear them in my boots so my feet don’t get too hot!


  • Questions:
  • What do you consider the perfect temperature for working out?  For running?
  • What’s your favorite thing to buy at Costco?
  • Have you tried Feetures! socks?