I taught my first boot camp yesterday morning!  In fact, it was the first boot camp I’d ever experienced in any way, shape, or form.  About a month ago I had a great idea… Why not offer a weekly boot camp for our MRTT members.  I would make it interactive and we would all take turns designing or finding workouts, and leading the group.

I had so much fun designing our first workout that I’ve decided to stay in charge for the next few weeks – I’m sure everyone is surprised.  HaHa!  I’ll post my new workouts here on my blog and onto Pinterest on a new board I’ll call Deb’s Boot Camp Workouts.



We arrived at one of the local high schools at 5:25 AM only to find the track locked.  It’s one of the few high schools in our county that doesn’t normally lock the track, and doesn’t mind allowing local residents to enjoying what their tax dollars helped pay for.  Unfortunately, they’re working on the turf this summer…


I switched to Plan B, and had everyone put their towels and yoga mats on the parking lot just outside the track fence.  We had a nice large space to workout and the perimeter of the parking lot was probably close to 400 meters.

As you can see, from the little graphic at the top of the page, I incorporated a lot of running into the workout.  I’ll change it up each week to keep it fun with some weeks having lots of running intervals and other not.  We worked through the workout once as it’s written and then went through it again doing only the strengthening exercises.


I worked out with my friends so I didn’t take a lot of pictures except for during this new exercise that I made up when designing the workout.  We named it supine plank partner rows.  With knees bent, and shoulders down, the standing partner does upright rows while the lying partner engages their core and holds an arrow straight supine plank.

FirstBootCampSupinePlank Row

After everyone was finished we got a quick pic, because that’s what we do!


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  • Questions:
  • Have you taken a boot camp class?
  • What is your favorite body weight resistance exercise? ~ Push-ups for me!
  • What are your Independence Day plans? ~ I’m running in the Firecracker 5K at Reston Town Center!