Planning ahead, I switched up my days and ran on Monday and Wednesday this week since Bill and I were traveling to the farm to visit my mom on Thursday. Early clients prevented me from getting out at my usual zero-dark-thirty on Monday, so I ran in the afternoon when it was warmer – upper 40’s with very little wind. I started out with a nylon shell, but shed it half way into my run. It felt so good to not be weighted down with the usual winter layers of clothing!


On Tuesday I met Erin for lunch to celebrate her birthday. I was quite honored to get to spend time with her on her actual birthday! She had suggested Cava, but we ended up at Chipotle since I’m not a fan of feta, pita, lamb, etc… What a friend, right? She was so sweet to suggest going next door to Chipotle instead.


For my Wednesday afternoon run the temps were a few degrees cooler, but a wind was kicking up so it felt much colder and I never shed my nylon jacket (affiliate link). It’s a great windbreaker and folds into a tiny pouch that I can wear on my arm when I get too warm.


Bill and I left our house bright and early on Thursday morning for our drive across the beautiful Commonwealth of Virginia. I’d only gotten 4:02 of sleep the night before – typical of me when I’m wrapping things up and packing to go out of town. We arrived at Mom’s house in time for a late lunch, followed by a 2:15 nap for me while Mom made brownies and egg custard, and Bill hopped on a conference call.

It rained off and on all day Friday so I opted to go on my long run on Saturday morning, hoping to get home before the next round of rain hit (meanwhile it was snowing back home). I chose to run in the opposite direction of my runs while visiting at Christmas, so I didn’t get to see my horse friends. No worries, I made plenty of new friends.

The direction I ran is a much hillier route than where I usually run when visiting SWVA. I was pretty happy to average a 10:17 pace for eight miles on this hilly course. If I trained regularly here, I’d be a beast! Since I have a very hilly trail 25K planned in this neck of the woods in early April, I’d better find some hills near my house to train on…


Bill and I headed out just after 8 AM hoping to beat the rain headed our way. Even though it was 37°, it felt really comfortable so I ran back inside and dropped off my jacket just before we left. My run took me on country roads past a couple of my uncles’ farms. Rather than being frightened, the cows ran toward the fence in hopes Bill or I had some grain or hay for them. Sorry cows, I hadn’t remembered to pack my own fuel, much less remembered to pack a treat for you.


After about two miles, Bill headed on ahead on his ride covering a longer and different route than I had planned. We stopped long enough to try to get the goats and donkeys to come to the fence, but they weren’t having any of it.


I continued on my own to my turnaround at the church where I spent a few minutes visiting with my dad in the cemetery.


After my turnaround, my little friends were waiting by the fence for me and more than happy to pose for pictures this time.


About a mile from my finish it started raining and I went from too warm to slightly cold in no time and realized I should’ve brought my jacket; however, since I only had a mile to go I managed just fine. Just as I got back into view of my childhood home, Bill caught up with me and we finished together.


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Looking ahead to this coming week, on Tuesday I’ll have a long overdue installment of Ask Coach Deb and on Thursday I’ll join in on the Runfessions fun. In the next week or two, I’ll be featuring another local athlete in my Spotlight On Local Athletes series.


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  • Questions:
  • What animals do you see on your runs?
  • Do you run when traveling?  
  • Did you race this weekend? 


Have a great week!


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