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Pandapas Pond Trail Run – As I mentioned on Sunday, while in Blacksburg last week for the Thursday night Virginia Tech football game, Bill and I took advantage of the gorgeous weather and changing leaves and headed out to Pandapas Pond for our first of two trail adventures. Unfortunately, Bill isn’t able to run a lot […]


Algonkian Regional Park Trail Run

Bill and I joined some of our Cruiser and MRTT friends this morning for the first of four =PR= Spring Trail Runs.  All four events are at different parks and free of charge; however, you are required to either register in advance online or signup the morning of the event.  Water and snacks were provided […]


Picture This Country Roads Run – Spring Edition

I arrived at my Mom’s house on Wednesday afternoon to spend a week with her – my spring break of sorts.  The weather has been typical March weather, and all over the place. Thursday’s high was 74°, and last night’s low was 12°. After driving for six hours on Wednesday, I needed to move my […]


Picture This Snowy Morning Run

Back in August I started a series called Picture This Run.  Today’s installment will be about waking up to a beautiful fresh powdery snowfall and strapping on our Yaktrax before heading out for an adventuresome run. We had record snowfall in the winter of 2010 (actually I just made that up, but we did have […]


Running Hills On A Beautiful Fall Day

Last Saturday while Bill and I were still at my parents’ house we woke up at 8:30 AM to 22 degrees.  Mom checked her little weather station for the overnight low and it had gotten down to 17 degrees!  We waited around until 11:30 to go on our run, and by then the temperature had […]


The Many Shades of My Morning Run

Bill and I headed out for our run at 6:30 this morning and were treated to a sunrise that changed many times right before our eyes!  Every time we turned a corner and looked to the east, the sky was a different color.  Sit back and enjoy the beauty of our morning run… Before we […]


Running on Emerald Isle

My Cruiser friend Beth volunteered to write a guest post about her two week vacation on Emerald Isle while keeping her training up for her fall marathon.  You met Beth back in April when she was a guest writer and took you on her adventures running in the Paris Marathon with the following two posts:  […]


Picture This Huckleberry Trail Run

In anticipation of running the Hokie Half Marathon this fall with Meagan on the Huckleberry Trail, I am going to take you on a run on the 5.76-mile trail that runs from Christiansburg to Blacksburg… The Virginia Anthracite Coal and Rail Company tracks were removed and the Huckleberry Trail was built back in 1966. Bill and […]


Picture This Country Roads Run

Today’s Picture This Country Roads Run is run along the beautiful country roads near where I grew up.  Whenever I go back to visit, I enjoy a very different type of run than my normal runs.  The runs there are much hillier, and I get chased by the occasional dog; something I’m not used to […]


Picture This Beach Run

I am going to start a new series called Picture This _______ Run.  It will be a series of pictures from runs from an area taken on a single run, or over a series of many runs. I won’t call it Rave Runs because David Willey, editor-in-chief of Runner’s World, said, “I wish you wouldn’t do […]


Running With The Horses

This morning Bill and I are driving to the Outer Banks for a few days of rest and relaxation!  To get you in the mood for our vacation, I thought I’d post a few of my favorite beach running pictures from previous years. If you haven’t figured it out by now, I will run with […]

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